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Geogebra - A geometry package providing for both graphical and algebraic input
Mathways Basic math, pre-algebra, algebra, trigonometry, pre-calculus, calculus
Illuminations NCTM Resources for Teaching Math
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives Utah State University
NCTM Electronic Examples of Math
Interactive Mathematics

Algebra Basics Short video tutorials by concept Prentice Hall Algebra II site using Google Earth

Use Google Earth to figure these out

37°34'51.22"N, 108°48'4.59"W - circular fields in the midwest. Use the
tools to find the area. The "pac-man" shaped piece - What's the area?
How did you find it? Crop yield per acre of corn is 130 bushels...
what's the yield for the area?

24°10'3.12"N, 23°27'43.80"E - more circular fields in Libya. A famous

Washington monument in D.C. - trig, pythagorean theorem. Find the shadow
length, know the height, find the angle/hypotenuse - when was the photo